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О проекте

About the project

When you are presenting any project the first think that comes to your mind is that it’s necessary to give the answer to two questions: “What is it about?” and “What is it for?”

The initial idea of Scientbook was to give free informative space for scientific communication in it’s widest context – research results representation, a dialogue between teachers and students, exchange of knowledge and experience, publications representation etc.

Accessibility of information, ability to establish a dialogue (international as well), the transparency of any specialist registered in the scientific net – all these components should spread the scientific knowledge, provide the accessibility of all research to public, promote the cooperation and integration of the scientific community.

Those people who are just at the beginning of their career choice can use the possibility given by Scientbook to cooperate with the representatives of universities and institutes, with the specialists in any scientific field, to get more profound information about their scientific and background views. We hope that it will help all the users form their own attitude to certain problems and to enlarge their knowledge on any issue.

We are happy to greet all those people who share our views and support our words by Francis Bacon’s quote: «Scientia potentia est» which stands for “Knowledge is power!”

How to use the site.

Having entered the site, you are getting the access to the materials which are placed in the information system and they are sorted out by scientific fields and dates of publishing. If you are interested in some particular article, you can use the “Search” button.

Having registered you can publish your own authorized articles which will pass the preliminary procedure of censorship (see Site’s regulations) and will be automatically translated into English. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the translation, you can place your own translation.

You also have a possibility to leave your comments to publications, get acquainted and communicate with colleagues, swap opinions, get answers to your questions and many many other options.

We wish you prolific work and success on your way to knowledge!

Scientbook team.


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Tatyana Zhurcheva
mar 10, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Очень интересный проект. Спасибо!