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Kosmometriya (from faith to recognize) (Automatic translation)


December 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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Kosmometriya (from faith to recognize) (Automatic translation)

Here is a fundamental and investigated the following: The system of the universe. Properties of the space of the universe. The new definition efirona. Dynamic substance ether. Control mechanism ecumenical process. Newly discovered elementary particles. New version Superunification fundamental interactions. Magnetic fields of celestial bodies. The reason for the accelerated expansion of the universe. The nature of interactions. The nature of the neutrino. The nature of the positron. The nature of the electron. The nature of the graviton. The nature of the ether. Nature efirona. The structure of the neutrino. The structure of the positron. The structure of the electron. The structure of the graviton. The structure of the leptons. The structure of space. The structure of the vacuum. The structure of the physical fields. Entity interactions. The essence of the neutrino. The essence of the positron. Efirona essence. The essence of the essence of ether graviton. The essence of the electron. The essence of the vacuum. The essence of space. The essence of the universe. The essence of gravity. The essence of the physical fields. The essence of the matter. The essence of energy. The mechanism of gravity. Mechanisms of the physical fields.

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