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Social protection of officials of the Police Corps and military personnel inside the guard of the Russian Empire (Automatic translation)


July 2, 2012 at 8:34 pm

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Social protection of officials of the Police Corps and military personnel inside the guard of the Russian Empire (Automatic translation)

The genesis of the social protection of the police officials with the first third of the XVIII century. before the start of the XX century., as well as during the formation of the social security system Corps troops inside the guard of the Russian Empire.

Научный портал МВД России. 2011. № 2. С. 129-135.

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A. Alexander's Committee of the wounded - an institution created to help disabled soldiers and families of those killed or died of wounds. The original title - "The Committee, His Majesty established the 18th day of August 1814" (1 st anniversary of the Battle of Kulm). On December 12, 1877 was renamed "Alexander's Committee for the wounded." Since 1909, the organization is a member of the War Ministry. Press organ of the Committee was the newspaper "Russian invalid."

Two. Bulletin of the police. Weekly magazine MIA. St. Petersburg., 1907-1917. In 1915. Number 48. S. 15-21.

Three. One of the oldest among them was a school for policemen and firemen, opened November 16, 1899 in Warsaw with the support of the Chief of Police AN Likhachev. See: Bulletin of the police. Weekly magazine MIA. St. Petersburg, 1907-1917. In 1909. Number 17. S. 342-343.

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6. This is the first Russian orphanage was named after the former mayor of St. Petersburg, NV Kleigels. Construction of a second shelter was completed in 1909 is only two shelters of the Metropolitan Police prizrevalos Top 1917 eighty-three lower family retired police officers. Each of them had a separate room. In addition, in the dormitories for single population of more than sixty people. See: Bulletin of the police. Weekly magazine MIA. St. Petersburg, 1907-1917. , 1917. Number 1. S. 10.

7. During the XIX century, the salaries of police officials raised only twice (and then only slightly) in 1837 and 1862. In connection with this material support the police considerably inferior to material support of other local government officials, first, that significantly reduced the prestige of the police service, and secondly, did not allow the police to attract deserving and qualified people.

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9. Most humbly report on the activities of the St. Petersburg city police for the 1867 application. St. Petersburg., 1868. S. 71.

10. General Chief of Police of St. Petersburg, AM Devier April 24, 1723 on this subject, even filed a report to the Senate. He wrote that the rank and file police officers and noncommissioned officers have not received mundirnyh things from 1719, some police officials obnashivalis to such an extent that they had nothing to serve, and they were sitting at home, without leaving any job, no guards.

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15. At the beginning of February 1818 in the case of internal guards there were 45,359 military personnel "to feed a family." See RGVIA. F. 35, Op. 3, d 252, n. 8-23.

16. For example, the decree of October 18, 1797, it was determined that "the contents of the entire city police, fire and police still command the lower ranks of salary, provisions and ammunition, refers to urban incomes." See Gulyaev PP The rights and obligations grad and rural police, and all the general population of the Russian state in their states. In 2 parts. Part I. On the police. M., 1824. S. 32.

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