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Methods of objective assessment of the level of health and operational readiness STUDENTS (Automatic translation)

July 12, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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Methods of objective assessment of the level of health and operational readiness STUDENTS (Automatic translation)

Objectives: One of the important problems facing teachers of physical culture, is considered a low level of health and physical readiness of students. Another problem is the lack of valid and reliable methods of controlling the load received by students in the classroom, which often leads to a deterioration in their functional state. The aim of this work is to improve the operational readiness of students to exercise, which will positively affect the overall physical fitness.

Methods: The author proposes to use in teaching physical education departments, the method of Professor A. Zavyalova as informative and reliable criterion for assessing the organism's reaction to physical stress. This method worked well in the training process of high-class sportsmen.

Results: The findings indicate that young people involved in the experimental group, as a result of training sessions, minute blood volume decreased significantly (P <0.05) with 5,6 ± 0,4 l / min. up to 4,5 ± 0,3, indicating a more economical operation of the body alone students of experimental group compared with the original parameters. The data obtained show that the level of operational readiness of students in the experimental group after the experiment, significantly higher than control group students.

Scope of the results: This method is experimentally confirmed to be effective and may, in the opinion of the author, is widely used in the training process to discipline physical education in secondary and higher vocational education.

Осипов А.Ю. Методы объективной оценки уровня здоровья и функциональной готовности студентов // В мире научных открытий. Красноярск: Научно-инновационный центр. 2012. №5.1. (29). (проблемы науки и образования). - С.126-137.

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