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Pedagogy (Automatic translation) Pedagogy (Automatic translation)
The study of the profession pedagogy.
Electronic books (Automatic translation) Electronic books (Automatic translation)
The use of information technology in the learning process.
How can I quickly learn English (Automatic translation) How can I quickly learn English (Automatic translation)
My view of the rapid learning of English.
Classes at the college Cats (Automatic translation) Classes at the college Cats (Automatic translation)
In this article I propose to introduce innovations in the classroom
Videoconferencing (Automatic translation) Videoconferencing (Automatic translation)
the use of videoconferencing in schools
Information technology in education and training (Automatic translation) Information technology in education and training (Automatic translation)
The article presents the main directions of informatization of education issues at the present stage, the direction of the educational process in computer science, related to the use of innovative new technologies and innovative forms of active learning methods.
The use of new information technologies in education (Automatic translation) The use of new information technologies in education (Automatic translation)
In this article I propose to use modern technology in education.
Multimedia (Automatic translation) Multimedia (Automatic translation)
An important element of the education system may be a transition of libraries of educational institutions on the use of new information (computer) technology. The main condition of service for users is to expand the capabilities of reference.
Innovative solutions in the learning process (Automatic translation) Innovative solutions in the learning process (Automatic translation)
Application development and implementation of information and communication technology and mathematical methods (in industries and activities)
Record lectures (Automatic translation) Record lectures (Automatic translation)
In this article, I suggest to innovation in education.
Two points of Nikolai Ivanovich Ilminsky (Automatic translation) Two points of Nikolai Ivanovich Ilminsky (Automatic translation)
April 22, 1822 in Penza born Nikolai Ilminsky, Orientalist, educator and missionary.
CHUVASH educator Ivan Yakovlev (Automatic translation) CHUVASH educator Ivan Yakovlev (Automatic translation)
April 25 in the Chuvash Republic is traditionally celebrated as the Day of Chuvash language. Chuvash poet Mikhail Sespel wrote: "Chăvash săvvi, chăvash sămahĕ, Atăl humĕ peck, peck vărman Sassi, Sassi kĕsle vyrănne pool ... Chuvash verse, Chuvash word leaped, like the waves of the Volga, zashumyat as wood, ring out like a string psaltery." In 2003, the Law of the Chuvash Republic "On languages ​​of the Chuvash Republic", which regulates public relations in the development and use of the Chuvash, Russian and other languages ​​used by the population of the republic in the state, socio-economic and cultural life that protects the constitutional rights of citizens in this area, promote respect for national dignity of man, his culture and language. In the eighth article of the Constitution of the Chuvash Republic says: "The official languages ​​of the Chuvash Republic are the Chuvash and Russian languages." April 25, 1848 was born Chuvash outstanding teacher and educator, organizer of the public schools, the creator of the Chuvash alphabet and the first books of the Chuvash language and Russian language Chuvash Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev. In August 1921 Ivan Yakovlevich turned testament to the Chuvash people: "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost! I turn to you first, my friends and relatives of Chuvash. On you I was sick at heart, to you at this hour, my thought turns, and you first want to say my last wishes. Stronger than the greatest of all take care of the shrine - faith in God. Faith inspires strength of mind and heart, brings inner peace, comfort and encourage the soul in hours of misery and grief, purifies and enlightens her happiness and good fortune. With faith in God is not afraid of life's challenges: without faith it is cold and dark on earth. Believe that there is mzdovozdatel for good and for evil, which is the supreme truth - is God's judgment, the formidable and righteous. Honor and love a great, kind and intelligent Russian people, concealing his inexhaustible power of the mind and will. The people that took you into his family, as brothers, do not hurt and humiliated you. Led by Providence for the great, invisible to us goals, so that people will be your leader, and Development: follow him and believe in him. Difficult was the life of this nation, many sorrows and misfortunes he met on his long and sorrowful way, but it is not extinguished the lights of a spirit of understanding and has not lost his high calling. Yes, your joy will be his joys, his sorrows your sorrows and you are partakers of his coming greatness, and bright. The people that did not hurt you in the past, it will not hurt you in the future. Love him and move closer to him. In any field there are weeds, but my long experience but will guarantee that among the Russian people, you will always find good and intelligent people that can help you right cause. The Russian people have suffered their own truth, and there is no doubt true that he will share with you. Believe in Russia, love it and it will be your mother. The key to guiding and so will the immortal name of my teacher Nikolai Ivanovich Ilminsky, embodies for me the grandeur and the beauty of the Russian national character. I appeal to those of you who are lucky enough to get an education. Remember that you are responsible to help their poor and destitute brethren, are not hoping that help will come to them from somewhere, remember that the duty to work on education Chuvash is, above all, to you, the people who came from their environment. Go back to his people as a treasure of scientific knowledge, instill among them the concept of citizenship, and teach them the law and the law: the care of this need to take you, coming from the people. Do not shun poverty, weakness and ignorance of their relatives: from them you are out, and for them you have to work to pay off your debt at the expense of the people received education. Love the people will reward you for what you do not forget your duty to his younger brothers. Remember that people's own heart, you only if you do not shun the national language. In his address to the people's language is not Russian cause of treason, to serve the great Russian fatherland can not forget their native language and perceived by your mother. Complete what may be possible to finish me, let Scripture Chuvash people, a fully completed translation of the Old Testament. Serve the cause of Christian education, spreading the light of the gospel among the many nationalities living in the Russian East: the language and spirit of you closer to these peoples than they are Russian. Work on this vast field to the Russian people will pay you a part of the great debt that you owe him, receiving from him the light of the Christian faith. Take care of the family: a family - support people and the state. Family legacy has always been strong among the Chuvash. Guard well this treasure. The family fortune - protection from life's trials. Strong and united family is not afraid of external worldly troubles. Take care of chastity, be afraid of wine, and temptations, if oberezhete family oberezhete children and create strong support for the peace and quiet work. Be friendly to each other, avoid petty squabbles accounts and remember a great testament of the Savior, love those who hate you, and strongly hope for the vitality of the concessions and indulgence. Believe in the power of labor peace and love him. Do the smallest thing patiently and with love, do not grumble at the size of a vital task. The least it can be light and love for him to comprehend the attitude and the highest you can drop the attitude and defame careless and negligent. Happiness and success come to all, peacefully and lovingly perpetrated by the case. Fear of curves and circuitous routes: the success attained by dishonest means, fragile and temporary. That's what I want to say to you, ready to appear before the supreme judge. And if a man has the memory of the offense intentionally or unintentionally, caused by me, please forgive me and pray for me. I heartily thank you for your warmth and affection, which is not on the merits of my gifts to me, my people, and many Russian people who came with an open heart to help my case. I bring warm thanks to all my mates and staff at work: without their unselfish zeal would have been impossible, and my work. I send greetings to direct my students. School hours, among them carried out, were encouraging hours of my life. Yes and yes oberezhet keep God in your life your ways. " Cheboksary historian Alex Makarevsky tells the early years of Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev, based on his memories of "My Life" (Moscow, Publisher "The Republic", 1997).
Reminder to parents of high school teacher of Russian language and literature (Automatic translation) Reminder to parents of high school teacher of Russian language and literature (Automatic translation)
Publish a reminder of school № 50, Ulan-Ude, which, in my opinion, it will be very useful for other students.
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  • Pavel