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The wheel on the axis. Eternity as it is The wheel on the axis. Eternity as it is
In an effort to know the world and humanity itself has reached the borderline that without the adoption of the three truths of support Poznan, continued his march in vain. Body of them given me here. World, One, in the eyes of mortal connector, because they dismembered: hatred - a pillar of them, they visibly, Peace is a lie, nothing to fall: the infinity-bestséntrovost. The real world is not beskraen - has a face, not isotropic - a center. Both of them, Edge and Center - One of our gláz: Pillar of them, the moon, the world this mortal coil on it - on the axis of the wheel. Moon - Alpha Omega, the Beginning-End: fire in the shadows, the earth, the river of Istok. Step to it - the way our vés: T | Rich | ins to achieve - To gain.
Truth - is the Moon. But the path to the heart of all Truth - is the Moon. But the path to the heart of all
The desire to know the world of new science rests on the axiom of his uncreated. But, as the builder of the house, the world has a Author - Lord of the | Islands | I | it passes the obligation as His likeness. And he took it as a fact, we understand why the center of the sky, visible to us, is the moon. In its proximity to us and immobility firmly nailed to the wall paintings she has no rivals, it is clear: God has placed it, so that we have from birth to death staring at her with wide eyes. So watch tells the truth to the wisdom, purpose of all, religions of the world sees as told to not | bo, Creator temple, hoping to see Him. Truth - this is the Bo | g moon - She throne. To know the moon - to know the Truth, we understand God as I am a bottom line, Seb | I most.
Luna. Einstein's last will and testament Luna. Einstein's last will and testament
Among the works and letters left behind by the great physicist Albert Einstein and man, mankind sees two revelations that is the true legacy of a scientist. Both are attracted to the Truth sought by him under the guise of a unified field theory. To the Moon. The first of these is in his words, "God is cunning but not malicious": trick without evil - sheltered position in a prominent place. That - Truth ochmi before our God has given us to enlightenment. So Jesus stood before Thomas, His zrivshim without faith: the mind heartlessly. So looking glasses, forgotten on the forehead. The second revelation lies in the words of the letter Ain | w | t | s | n | a counterpart to that statistic, with science | Lodges | tion, numbers (figure - Arab. Dummy: privation numbers) is of no use to the phenomenon in | selenium | tion Gar | Mon | s, Koya - simple as Wasps | new total: C | ter | women | b, Os | B as One (mon | os (Greek)) humanity (jen (Chinese)) us Liu | action. Both revelations now known scientist in the secret heart of the mind, talk about the single: Lou | no. This is it, one | foreign | ka as the finger, we have to nochú lamp, motionless in our eyes, this is it, Mon | os-Moon, have the Axis Unit-II | growth | st round which in | rasch | discharges a this mortal world: non-number round the numbers as the privation of it. For East | ins, our axis - is A | una, Mother own who, having entered to mind human world knew her heart, and they know the Moon, Heart of being - is to reach the truth, Int | and on his way, where dismembered before | villages | b, will gain goal | tions we have: CheLOVEk - Tseloev | eyelids that Sel | en | oyu tsél | en-strong: tree - the root of their own. With him, P | Rich | foreign | j, we all, without it - we have nothing: no Common m | legs | spine, no part of the Whole.
The axis of the universe. The moon as it is (Automatic translation) The axis of the universe. The moon as it is (Automatic translation)
The problem of creating a unified field theory (the universe, il of the World, as a highway for all-Lon), whose solution is not to give people a long time to hand, has a simple key. Here it is: this theory - not physical, as mnyat, wasted looking for her. In his present, in the Aristotelian notion of essence is the science of physics, mind of evil otyatoy rock roots: In this world of | this - whereas the whole world is, the fullness. Only the Word, stand, according to the Gospel of John, in the beginning of everything, and because the initial forever - as its source is deathless, - the ability to capture and express it. That is why, in modern, unified field theory - the philological work, not physical at all. That is it from me.
Lessons from the Shroud of Turin (Automatic translation) Lessons from the Shroud of Turin (Automatic translation)
Analysis of the Shroud of Turin Research states that it is the Shroud Shroud of Jesus Christ. Based on a review of scientific studies of the shroud of Jesus offers a new perspective on the origin and life of Jesus Christ. This view is supported, first, saving the life of Jesus at the crucifixion (God saved Jesus from the seemingly inevitable death by crucifixion) and, second, the persistence for almost two thousand years in difficult situations (in repeated fires) Shroud with trace (footprint) of the body of Jesus Christ. Since the probability of a random store this shroud is practically zero, it could save only God. Propounds a model appears on the Shroud trace the body of Jesus Christ and the plan for its experimental verification.
We construct a functional model of the origin and development of science and religion as constituting the information components of the culture. It is shown that science and religion, performing as a form of social consciousness different functions, each in its own contributes to the preservation of society. Investigates the causes of hostility between science and religion in the era of scientific - technical progress. It is established that human activity in this era of changing the nature of dynamic processes in the Earth's magnetosphere, causing unpredictable climate change. Revealed that the elimination of this requires joint efforts of science and religion, which implies their union. In this union needs in this age and religion. The conditions that make possible the unity of science and religion.
A tool for remembering: the search for antidotes (Automatic translations) A tool for remembering: the search for antidotes (Automatic translations)
About the book philosopher Sergei Lishaeva on the impact of photography on the perception and memory as a cultural phenomenon.
Festival of Philosophy in Hanover Festival of Philosophy in Hanover
The festival was held in Hanover Philosophy.